Short Course on Entrepreneurship Development

Наименование курса: Short Course on Entrepreneurship Development

Категория слушателей: студенты, аспиранты, профессорско-преподавательский состав

Срок обучения: 30 hours

Форма обучения: очная

Краткое содержание курса:

The course seeks to give short synoptic instruction to generalist students to concept and scope of entrepreneurship. The purpose is to provide students with existing concepts and tools with which an idea can be taken to market (commercialization of an idea). Thus from learning and lateral thinking creating national and social assets.

The course shall have upon completion of the 27 hrs. program a week long business plan with 3 instructor contact hours development of any entrepreneurial effort of students. The students shall be divided into groups of appropriate strength (depending on course strength) and mentored by Instructor(s). Then the students post submission of their business plan, which will be adjudged for novelty of idea, feasibility by LLC and special certificates may be given to best three business plans.

Преподаватель: Prof. Sandeep Sharma

+7 (7222) 35-38-49